The Fijian adventure

Pristine white beaches covering 330 tiny islands, many so small that you can get from one side of an island to the other in just 5 minutes. Heaven at its finest, I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in this absolute paradise.

I had planned a 4 day adventure on Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, which promised rainforests, school visits and mud pools. ‘The Feejee Experience’ package certainly didn’t disappoint.

Highlights on the Fijian mainland:

Fijian sandboarding.

Pretty much exactly as it sounds – tearing down sand dunes on a board on your chest.

Fijian mudpools.

Getting covered in mud in these natural pools.

Fijian school.

We visited underprivileged children at their school. The equivalent of a boarding school, their bedrooms had 12 bunk beds and a tiny area on their headboard where they could pin photos. One girl was so excited to show me the only two photos she had: one of her Mother and another of Victoria Beckham. 

Fijian rituals.

‘Cava’. It meant nothing to me before I went to Fiji. I later found out that it’s a typical Fijian drink. The taste? Mud. Like drinking from a dirty lake. The feeling? I couldn’t feel my mouth.

After seeing what the main island had to offer, I went island hopping. This was the best part, simply because it was so chilled out. A ‘Bula Combo’ pass gives 2 weeks boat travel, food and accommodation around the Fijian islands.

This hop-on-hop-off style pass gives about 20 Fijian islands to choose from at leisure. It’s a great way to budget as the only thing not included is drink.

Every island had something different to offer. Some islands are traditionally Fijian.

Highlights from island hopping:

Fijian shark diving.

Emptying a bin of fish to feed the sharks less than one metre from my face (without a cage) is certainly one of the best things I’ve done.

It’s available for both beginner scuba divers and advanced scuba divers.

Cost: 30FJD (roughly £10). Location: Coral Bay island.

Fijian traditional jewellery making

We made jewellery from coconuts. These bangles and bracelets have lasted me for years and remind me of my trip whilst looking awesome.

What I wish I’d known before going island hopping.

-If using the Bula pass, book accommodation at the most popular islands in advance, especially ‘Octopus’ & ‘Mantaray’ island.

-Beachcomber island isn’t quite what it was made out to be in travel guides. Whilst it might have once been an awesome party island, this certainly wasn’t the case when I went, so go to this island with an open mind.

-Bring as much as you can from the main island. The Fijian islands can be incredibly expensive. Take as much food and drink as you can, particularly bottled water as you can’t drink the tap water.

Fijian recommendation.

2 weeks in Fiji is just enough time here for a perfect balance of beaches & local culture.

Fijian photos.

For photos of this awesome experience, check this out:

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